Holness Brands Opposition Ultimatum as ‘Potential Disservice to the Country’

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is describing as a disappointment and a potential disservice to the country a threat by the Opposition PNP to withdraw from any collaboration with the government unless he fires Dr. Andrew Wheatley from the Cabinet.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, yesterday demanded that Dr. Wheatley be removed from the Cabinet over allegations of irregular and inappropriate expenditure at Petrojam.

Mr. Holness spoke to media personnel about the issue today shortly before he left a function in Spanish Town, St.Catherine.

The Prime Minister says it’s expected that Dr. Phillips and the PNP would attempt to take advantage of the political opportunity occasioned by the scandal at Petrojam.

But, he says the stance taken by the Opposition about potentially not collaborating on important national issues unless Dr. Wheatley is sacked, is unbecoming.

Prime Minister Holness says his administration has gone out of its way to engage the Opposition on important national issues.

He says should the Opposition suspend talks across the political aisle, they’d be doing a great disservice to the Jamaican people.

But, the Prime Minister says his administration will continue to attend to the people’s business.

And Prime Minister Holness is rejecting criticism of his decision to strip Dr Andrew Wheatley of the Energy portfolio but allow him to remain a Cabinet Minister. He says appropriate action has been taken.

Prime Minister Holness says the process of finding out the facts about issues at Petrojam is still underway.

Mr. Holness says he had a long meeting with officials of the Energy division and Petrojam.

He says his administration will not cover up any wrongdoing, should it be discovered.


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