Holness Describes PetroJam Report as ‘Watershed Moment’ for Accountability


Prime Minister Andrew Holness is describing the Auditor General’s Report into the operations of Petrojam, as a ‘watershed moment’ for transparency and accountability in Jamaica.

The Auditor General’s report paints a grim picture of inefficiency, nepotism and governance weaknesses at Petrojam and its parent company, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, PCJ over the last 5-years.

In praising the Auditor General’s report, Prime Minister Holness says it represents a milestone for accountability in Jamaica.

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Prime Minister Holness says his administration has already moved to fix some of the issues highlighted in the Auditor General’s report. But, he says more work needs to be done to address some of the outstanding issues.

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness, speaking with the media today following a tour of his West Central St. Andrew constituency.

In the meantime, Communication and Public Affairs Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan, told our news centre that the Holness administration accepts full responsibility for the findings of the Auditor General.

According to Mr Morgan, the Holness administration will not descend into the blame-game.

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Mr Morgan thanked the Auditor General for her comprehensive report. He says the government will not waste the findings.

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