Holness Gives ’18 Degrees’ One Week to Respond

Television Jamaica and producers of the show 18-Degrees North have a week to respond to demands from Prime Minister Andrew Holness, or face a defamation lawsuit.

Attorney representing the Prime Minister, Senior Counsel Gordon Robinson, says they sent a letter of demand to TVJ on Monday night, after the programme was aired.

Mr. Robinson says the allegations aired in the programme could be career-ending for the Prime Minister, if proven to be true.

However, he says Mr. Holness strongly denies the allegations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robinson says the Prime Minister still intends to release his financial statements.

Mr. Holness had promised to release those statements by the end of March.


7 thoughts on “Holness Gives ’18 Degrees’ One Week to Respond

  1. Shirley Holness

    It is about time that all this is settled. Cant manage the Chess game any longer. True Or False??

  2. Vinn

    A brilliant and excellent piece of INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM.

    Miss Burton provided dazzling facts that ought to be answered by Mr. Holness, whether in court or before the public. Almost all the media houses view this as a no-go subject and are afraid to report on the matter. Let’s see the PM in the courts…hope he has better luck than that in the undated Senate letter saga.

    Recall Holness is a self-proclaimed nationalist, so why invest in an off-shore account? Hope the OCG take an interest in some of the alleged contracts that were issued to friends/companies connected with Holness.

    1. prizm

      Hello, if it was Mrs Simpson Miller everybody would be bold and fearless they would tear her apart because she is seen as a weak fence especially this media house who is always breaking news.

      1. Vinn

        The matter is not before the courts i.e. it’s not sub judice, yet the media houses have self-imposed a gag order.

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