Holness Makes Finances Public


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he has assets valued at just over JMD$151-million.

His liabilities currently amount to just under JMD$35-million.

Holness disclosed his total assets and liabilities this afternoon in an interview with Nationwide News, the Gleaner and the Observer newspapers.

Mr. Holness is the first Jamaican Prime Minister to publicly declare his assets and liabilities since PJ Patterson made his declaration public in 2002.

Mr. Holness made available to the media today his last 10 integrity commission declarations. They date from 2007, when he first became Minister and now.

The integrity commission declarations show that just before Holness became a Minister 10 years ago, he had assets totaling just under $47-million. His liabilities in 2007 were just under $4-million.

Between 2007 and this year – Holness declared to the integrity commission 60-million Jamaican dollars in income.

USD$189,000 in income was also declared to the integrity commission by Holness during the same time.

The Prime Minister’s integrity commission filings show that he acquired income before he became Education Minister via a private transport company which he owned.

The company had operated in Portmore, Kingston and St. Andrew.

Rental income, mortgages, salary and turn over on investments were displayed on Mr. Holness integrity commission filings.

Holness’ 2007 documents show that at before he became a Minister he owed a property in a section of the Corporate Area which was purchased for $7-million.

Mortgages were used to finance that purchase.

In 2008, Holness declared to the integrity commission that he had purchased two properties – an apartment for $16-million and a parcel of land for 15-million using savings, turn over on investments and loans.

Mr. Holness also in 2011 declared to the integrity Commission his purchase of a piece of land in Beverly Hills St. Andrew.

A $10-million home improvement loan, a mortgage of just under $4-million and credit from hardware suppliers totaling $18-million was used to fund that purchase.

The Prime Minister told Nationwide News, the Jamaica Gleaner’s Arthur Hall, the Observers’ Balford Henry that he’s accepts it was necessary for him to declare his assets.

He says he’s moving to amend the integrity commission act to make it mandatory for key public officers to publicly declare their assets.

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I asked the Prime Minister why he took so long to declare his assets.

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