Holness Names 18-member Cabinet


It’s an 18-member Cabinet presiding over 14 ministries.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness today named the members of his Cabinet, in a swearing in ceremony at Kings House.

Mr. Holness named three ministers to the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, where portfolio Minister Audley Shaw will be supported by two State Ministers.

First term MP, Fayval Williams, who’s a State Minister and South East Clarendon MP, Ruddy Spencer.

There will also be three Ministers without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister.

The crucial Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation will be based in the Office of the Prime Minister.

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Mr. Holness named Karl Samuda as the Minister of the new Industry, Commerce and Agriculture Ministry.

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The Prime Minister has given the Principal of Jamaica College, Ruel Reid, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.

He’ll be assisted by a Junior Minister, the first term MP, Floyd Green.

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness, speaking today at the swearing in of Cabinet Ministers at Kings House.

We intend to be frugal in government! That’s the word from Prime Minister Holness.

He says his new Cabinet is evidence of the JLP’s commitment to growth and efficiency in the country.

Prime Minister Holness says his 18 member cabinet is testimony to the efficiency with which the JLP will operate government.

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Mr. Holness says the super ministry of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture, is designed to drive economic growth.

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The Prime Minister also outlined the critical importance of the much vaunted Growth Ministry.

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Mr. Holness says it was important to retain the Local Government Ministry in order to encourage development at the community level.

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The Prime Minister delivered a stern warning to his new ministers that there’s no place for corruption in his administration.

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