Holness Pushes Back Against Anti-Chinese Sentiment

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, is pushing back against criticism of an influx of Chinese investments in Jamaica.

He says the government will not sacrifice the interest of the people of Jamaica in pursuit of foreign direct investment. But he says there are certain realities which Jamaica cannot ignore as it seeks to secure its economic independence.

In an online feature this week, former Cabinet Minister, the PNP’s Peter Bunting, said Jamaica may once again be undergoing a new type of economic colonialism through China’s heavy investment in the country.

There has also been a debate on Twitter this week about a Chinese donation of fireworks to Jamaica 55 celebrations.

The Prime Minister says he’s been observing the commentary. He’s urging critics to be cautious and look at what he says is the bigger picture.

Mr. Holness says his administration is sensitive to concerns about the influx of Chinese into the island and the potential impact on local jobs and businesses.

He says it’s important that it be understood that Jamaica cannot afford to ignore certain facts about the current global investment climate.

The Prime Minister says Jamaica’s engagement of Chinese investment, including the JLP’s JDIP and the PNP’s MDIP programmes have sought to benefit the people of Jamaica in a lasting way.

Prime Minister was speaking yesterday at an event held to mark the widening of Barbican Road in St. Andrew.


  • chikV2Ebola

    The PM should move full speed ahead with these Chinese investments and ignore this “do nothing “Opposition.

    • AllforJa


    • JAY


  • JAY

    these darn PNP.. knows that they would do the exact same thing IF they were in power.. that party just sick my stomach.. JA needs the investment. Is there another country willing to put such large investments in the island? If they were I am sure they would be knocking on our doors as well…. Nothing is wrong with Chinese investment.. all we need to do to as a country is ensure there is fair and balance structure around it. Also, do we in JA have the work ethic that is needed? That’s another topic!!!!!