Holness Reiterates Pledge to Fix Crime Plague

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has told a gathering in the United Kingdom that his administration will fix the crime problem plaguing Jamaica.

Mr. Holness made the commitment while he addressed a Town Hall meeting in London Friday.

The Prime Minister says he’s aware that many Jamaicans want to return home but are concerned about their safety. He says the administration will fix the crime problem.

Mr. Holness was addressing a bumper crowd of mainly Jamaicans who packed the Gaumont State Cinema to hear him speak at the Town Hall meeting in London.

Holness noted that two Zones of Special Operations, ZOSOs, have been put in place as the administration moves to combat crime.

He told his audience that the Mount Salem zone has worked but another look is being taken at what’s happening in Denham Town.

The Prime Minister said he’s confident the States of Public Emergency which have been put in place in St. James and a section of St. Catherine are working.

He says despite concerns from some sections of society – the people who live in the areas support the security measures.

The Prime Minister told the Town Hall meeting that the early results of crime-fighting initiatives pursued by his administration are encouraging.

Meanwhile, in a wide-ranging address at the Town Hall meeting today – Prime Minister Holness vowed to maintain communication with the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May.

This, to ensure that the UK Government fulfils its commitment to correct the wrongs done to members of the Windrush generation and their relatives.

Prime Minister Holness says he takes Prime Minister May at her word that members of the Windrush generation who’ve been treated unjustly will be compensated.


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