Holness Signals Greater Partnership between Executive & Judiciary

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says it will take executive and judicial will to transform the justice system and by extension Jamaican society.

The Prime Minister says a partnership is required. He says during this partnership respect will be shown for the independence of the judiciary.

Mr. Holness made the comments today during the swearing-in of Bryan Sykes as Chief Justice on a permanent basis.

Justice Sykes had been acting as Chief Justice over the past four weeks.

Prime Minister Holness says he has confidence in the capabilities of Justice Sykes to help in the transformation of the system.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes is welcoming additional resources which have been allocated to improving efficiency in the justice system.

Justice Sykes commented on the issue in a 15-minute address at his swearing-in ceremony at King’s House today.

Justice Sykes says he recognizes that he’s assumed the post of Chief Justice at an important juncture in Jamaica’s history.

His acting appointment as Chief Justice has been the subject of controversy. Today, Justice Sykes made light of the issue.

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