Holness & Simpson-Miller Commit to Strong Parliament


Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called on all Members of Parliament to ensure that partisan politics does not obstruct the progress of the Jamaican people.

Prime Minister Holness made the call as he addressed the opening of Parliament at Gordon House this afternoon.

Mr. Holness says with the razor thin majority that his Government holds in the House, greater effort will have to be made by both sides of the political divide to choose the country over party.

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He says his administration has a clear objective of putting the country on a path of growth and fiscal balance.

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Mr. Holness says as Prime Minister he’ll lead from the front to demonstrate the kind of leadership that Jamaica deserves.

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And the Prime Minister urged MPs to ensure that they do not neglect the people in their constituencies who voted them into office.

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He’s called on all MP’s to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates the highest level of decorum to Jamaicans.

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Meanwhile… Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller says her party will be devoting all its energies to the well-being of Jamaica.

Mrs. Simpson Miller says both parties will have to collaborate in order to build a better Jamaica.

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She’s promised to be a strong Opposition in the interest of the country.

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And in a light moment, Mrs. Simpson Miller urged the Government not to get too comfortable in their benches.

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She says the country’s democracy remains vibrant, despite the low voter-turnout in the General Election.

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