House Passes 13% Increase in Minimum Wage


Minimum wage earners can look forward to an increase in their pay next month.

This, as the House of Representatives today passed the legislation necessary to effect a 13-percent increase in the national minimum wage.

Labour Minister, Shahine Robinson, announced the increase in the minimum wage from $6,200 to $7,000 per week during her contribution to the Sectoral Debate in June.

In addition, security guards will receive $9,700; up from $8,854 per week. That’s a 9.6-percent increase.

In tabling the Minimum Wage Amendment Order, 2018, under the Minimum Wage Act today, the Labour Minister said the proposed increases strike the best balance between the needs of employers and that of employees.

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The new rates take effect August 1.

Meanwhile, although supportive of an increase in the minimum wage, Opposition Spokesman on Labour, Horace Dalley, reiterated that the amount simply isn’t enough.

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He also questioned the tardiness in tabling the legislation which forced parliament to reconvene despite going on its summer break. He’s suggesting that the minimum wage be raised annually and be pegged above inflation.

Mr. Dalley says if returned to power, the PNP will ensure that this is done.

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In response, Labour Minister, Shahine Robinson, accused Mr. Dalley of playing politics with the minimum wage.

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