House Sitting Suspended after Heated Clash between Vaz & Campbell

The House of Representatives descended into chaos this afternoon forcing the Speaker, Pearnel Charles, to suspend the sitting.

The chaos started when West Portland MP, Daryl Vaz questioned whether Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Dayton Campbell, has a conflict of interest and should be removed from the post.

Vaz made the suggestion after Dr. Campbell and portfolio Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton exchanged heated words in the House about the crisis affecting the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James.

Mr. Vaz questioned whether Dr. Campbell has an interest in a private medical facility in St. James.

The West Portland MP angered Dr. Campbell and Opposition MPs when he suggested that Campbell has been pushing for the closure of the Cornwall Regional Hospital out of a personal interest to secure more business.

A shouting match erupted. Dr. Campbell rose from his seat and advanced in Mr. Vaz’s direction. Campbell was held back by some of his colleague Opposition MPs.

Vaz told Campbell he should take the issue outside. Dr. Campbell sought to clear his name by raising a point of order.

Mr. Vaz intensified his attack. The West Portland MP argued that Campbell has been hiding from the public why he wants the public hospital closed.

House Speaker Pearnel Charles ordered that the sitting be suspended for 20 minutes after Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting, objected to Mr. Vaz’s right to ask such a question.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips, says the comments by Minister Vaz are an abuse of the Parliament.

He addressed the House shortly after it’s resumption just moments ago.


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