China & Jamaica Tussling at the UN


The Guardian newspaper in Britain is reporting that the Chinese government recently complained to the Simpson-miller administration about the work being done by Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Courtenay Rattray, to reform the global organization.

Up until last week, Ambassador Rattary chaired a committee that was looking at proposals to reform the UN Security Council.

The Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security and is the most powerful body of the United Nations.

For the first time in the 70-year history of the United Nations, a plan has been formulated that could see an expansion of the powerful Security Council.

The structure of the Council has been under scrutiny for more than 20-years.

Critics have argued that its current composition doesn’t reflect today global geo-political realities.

The council has 15-members of which 10 are temporary and five are permanent.

Much of the debate surrounds the role of the five permanent members.

They are the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and China.

Any of the five can veto a resolution agreed by the Council.

For example, Russia has used its veto powers to block actions on Syria and Ukraine, despite those actions being supported by the majority of Council members.

It is this continuous use of veto power by the Permanent five, that prompted the formulation of an Intergovernmental Negotiations Committee to look at reforming the Council.

Ambassador Rattray was appointed to chair that Committee in November last year.

But the Guardian says when Ambassador Rattray began making unexpected progress in drafting a reform document for submission to the UN general assembly, China dispatched some of its senior officials to Jamaica to tell the Simpson-Miller administration, that they disapprove of his work.

Diplomatic sources tell Nationwide, that they’re puzzled at China’s strong objection, given that the recommendation does not reflect Ambassador Rattray’s opinion.

This as the recommendations were made based on the input and suggestions of UN members states.

Efforts to speak with officials at the Chinese Embassy were unsuccessful as we were told that they were too busy to speak about the issue.

Additional efforts to get a comment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the UN General Assembly has accepted the text-based negotiations prepared by Ambassador Rattray and already India is celebrating, that by 2018 it will get a permanent seat on the Security Council.

The US, China and Russia, did not submit any recommendation to the Committee.

Over the next year, the Council will debate proposals to determine the future of the Security Council.

But even as China pushes back against Jamaica, Japanese news outlets are reporting that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, will be seeking additional support from the Simpson-Miller administration on reforming the Security Council, when he arrives in the island tomorrow.

Japan along with India, Brazil and Germany and two members of the African Union are lobbying to get a permanent seat on the Council.

Jevon is a Reporter/Producer/Presenter with NNN. He holds a BA in Mass Communication (Journalism: emphasis) from Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

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  1. John H Christian

    China Is calling in its Chips from our WEAK Kneed Govt…The Chinese use the Double PULPIT, Gifts and Coercion, then add in a Dash of BULLY….Poor Sista P she can Manage dem ya man ya….this is what happens when u are a POOR country and you are indebted to rich and Powerfull GIFT Givers..

    1. Niko VF

      your assumptions are completely unjustified dribble…
      Nothing, no source, can be presented to support your asinine view.
      Please go do some reading, and don’t share these ridiculously rude and unsupported views without educating yourself first.

      1. John H Christian

        Cretinous answer…the Chinese want to pressure Jamaica for their own ambitions…Read some foreign News , u might learn something…hopefully..

        1. Niko VF

          Lol.. and yet no source or support is presented… good job.
          Every nation seeks to further its goals. The Chinese are no more so inclined than the Americans. Should Jamaica reject foreign investment?
          This article us about politics, son. The ridiculous allegations you’ve made are drawn from nowhere.

          1. John H Christian

            U are an Infant in diapers in my World..the generational divide between us Does not encourage me to waste time with a yute such as you..U are still in the IDEALISTIC stage of LIfe..a mere Baby…here is a thought..if u do not become a Victim of the pervasive crime in Jamaica, one day u will find out how water Got into The PUMPKINS belly and its not thru the Stem…subscribe to some Foreign Publications, Fortune , Forbes and News of the World..u may learn something….Next Subject ….PS watch The financial news on CNBC, then u will see the Nexus between money and politics on the Big stage…ur little stage is Mickey mouse for information…Keep ur head up and REACH FOR THE STARS..

          2. John H Christian

            Those are Not accusations…I am concerned about ur lack of exposure and knowledge of Real world events…EDUCATE urself some More ,and KEEP REACHING for the STARS..U are not showing enough FORTITUDE…work on that…the UWI intellectual Ghetto Mucked u up Real Bad…Good Luck yute..!!!Keep reaching….and I am not a DUDE…

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