Hyman: IMF Programme Is Working

A member of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee, Ralston Hyman, is adamant the IMF programme is working.

His comments follows an appeal from 5-US lawmakers asking President Obama to urge the IMF to review Jamaica’s loan agreement.

In their letter to President Obama dated — July 14 this year — the five Congress members say the time has come to ‘revisit’ the terms of Jamaica’s programme with the IMF.

But Mr. Hyman says the programme is working, pointing out that the country is set to pass a ninth consecutive test under the four-year programme.

He’s also dismissing Mr. Shaw’s suggestion that the letter is an admission by the Jamaican government that the programme is proving too difficult to implement.

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Mr. Hyman says US lawmakers are able to lobby President Obama, without any prodding from the Jamaican government.

He’s also making light of the potential impact of the petition.

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