“I Will NOT be Frightened” By Teachers Emailing/Texting Daily

That’s the message being sent by Public Service Minister, Horace Dalley to the island’s teachers regarding their efforts to pressure the Government to secure an improved wage offer.

The Jamaica Teacher’s Association, JTA, has instructed its members to bombard Minister Dalley’s email each day as they count down the 14 days the administration requested for a response to their claims.

Government sources say Minister Dalley has received more than 2-hundred e-mails.

In response to one of the e-mails, Minister Dalley told a teacher – “no matter how many texts or e-mails you all send me, I will not be frightened one bit”.

He continued by arguing that an important aspect of industrial relations is the employers ability to pay.

The Public Service Minister further stated – “the Government of Jamaica cannot offer me a basic salary at this time. I love the Teachers, as I do all public sector workers, but I love Jamaica more”.

Minister Dalley confirmed to our news center today that he sent the e-mail.

The government has offered the teachers a 5-percent increase. Much less than the 25-percent the JTA is asking for.

Meantime, in an effort to rally his teachers, JTA President, Doran Dixon, told teachers in an email that they are being tested.

Mr. Dixon urged them not to be weary.