IDT Awards Accountant $4m Compensation after Wrongful Dismissal


The Industrial Disputes Tribunal, IDT, has ruled that a former employee at the firm, UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants, is to be awarded over $4-million in compensation for unjustifiable termination.

The ruling was handed down in mid-September. The former employee is Pauline Nelson. Nelson reportedly gave over 20-years of continuous service to the company.

She had alleged that the company had terminated her services without due process in January last year.

Ms. Nelson says she was told by a Managing Partner that her services were being terminated because she had breached the company’s policy.

She was represented by Industrial Relations Consultant and Vice President of the National Workers Union, NWU, Arthur Grant.

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Mr. Grant says the company also failed to appear before the Tribunal.

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The first sitting of the tribunal was held on July 31. However the company failed to appear.

The company also did not attend the subsequent sitting on August 16.