INDECOM Accuses JCF of Allowing Members Implicated in Serious Crimes to Remain on Front Line Duty

The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, is accusing the Jamaica Constabulary Force of allowing some of its members who’re implicated in serious crimes, including murders, to remain on front line duty.

INDECOM has expressed concern about the matter in a statement to the media yesterday, saying it’s “repeatedly” reminded the JCF that this is “inappropriate”.

INDECOM is repeating its concern following an incident yesterday on Riverside Drive, in Kingston in which a man was shot fatally. He was shot in the leg.

The man received the injury due to a policeman’s bullet.

NDECOM says the shooting incident involves an officer for whom a warrant for a charge of murder has been prepared.

This, in relation to another shooting in May last year.

In its statement yesterday, INDECOM says the execution of the warrant for arrest and charge of the policeman has been delayed as he’s seeking judicial review.

It says the JCF High Command was informed that the killing was suspicious and the likelihood of a charge being preferred.

INDECOM says it’s repeatedly reminded the JCF it’s inappropriate to have an officer on front line duty who’s suspected of or will be charged for a criminal offense.

According to INDECOM, yesterday morning’s incident is the second shooting incident involving the policeman since the one in May last year.

It says the first was a double fatal shooting in February this year.

Hamish Campbell is the Assistant Commissioner of INDECOM.

He says public trust could be eroded if an officer wanted for murder is still allowed to serve.

In yesterday’s incident, INDECOM says it’s received a report from the police saying that its officers were on patrol. They allegedly came under gunfire as they chased men onto Riverside Drive.

Mr. Campbell says police say they returned the gunfire, shooting one man. He says the man later died.

The police say a Taurus pistol was reportedly recovered from the scene.