INDECOM Boss Wants Justice Ministry Budget Doubled


Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Terrence Williams, is calling for a doubling the budget for the Ministry of Justice.

Mr. Williams says the Ministry of Justice only receives one-tenth of the funds allocated to their counterparts at the Ministry of National Security.

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According to Williams, the vast discrepancy between the resources at the Ministries of Justice and National Security, results in a bottleneck at the courts.

He says many murder cases are solved quickly by the police, but take very long to be prosecuted.

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The Commissioner says the slow pace of justice also results in suspected criminals being more likely to get bail.

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National Security Minister Robert Montague recently raised concerns about the number of persons committing other crimes while out on bail.


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  1. Kevinforge

    Glad to see someone “In the system” coming to the same conclusion that I did… But with more hard data.

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