INDECOM Calls for CCTV In Prisons


The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM says its awaiting the results of a post mortem on the body of Marlon Cherrington, also called Kemar Anderson, in order to proceed with its investigations.

The 23-year old Cherrington died last week in hospital, after being found unresponsive in his cell at the Hunts Bay Police lock up.

Its alleged that he received a a severe beating while in custody.

Cherrington was being held in connection with the murder of Woman Constable, Crystal Thomas.

Assistant Commissioner of INDECOM, Hamish Campbell, says its too soon to say who was responsible for the beating.

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Mr. Campbell says Cherrington would have been housed with several other inmates while in custody.

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Mr. Campbell says he’s in full agreement with call from Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams, for all prisons and lock ups to be outfitted with CCTV cameras.

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Mr. Campbell says the same questions continue to be raised about the safety and well being of persons in custody.

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