• Mr. Burrell had come to Jamaica to attend a funeral.

INDECOM, JCF & Resident Give Conflicting Accounts on How Civilian Was Killed in Police Shootout


There are conflicting accounts this afternoon about how 32-year old, Kevon Burrell, lost his life during the bizarre series of events yesterday morning in St. Catherine.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

While speaking on today’s edition of Nationwide This Morning, INDECOM Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, said it’s not immediately clear whether Mr. Burrell died due to the impact of a motor vehicle accident.

Or because he received gunshots during the crossfire between the off-duty policeman and the three alleged police gunmen.

Later, while speaking on Cliff Hughes: Online, Acting-Deputy Police Commissioner, Fitz Bailey, said his information is that Mr. Burrell lost his life when his vehicle was caught in the exchange of gunfire and he was shot.

Acting DCP Bailey says Mr. Burrell had come to Jamaica to attend a funeral.

But, immediately after Acting DCP Bailey, a caller to Cliff Hughes Online, CJ, urged the police to admit that Mr. Burrell was killed by a police team which arrived on the scene to assist the off-duty policeman in his chase of the three alleged police gunmen.

The caller alleged that the Police team which arrived to support the off-duty policeman targeted the wrong motor vehicle.

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