INDECOM Launches Probe into Killing of Trelawny Man


The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, has launched an investigation into the death of Jeffery Richards in Wakefield District, Trelawny on Tuesday.

INDECOM says information from police is that at approximately 1:45 AM, three lawmen went to Richards’ home during a snap raid operation.

They knocked on the door and demanded that he come out of the house.

Police allege that Richards exited the house through a back door armed with a machete, which is when a confrontation ensued.

According to police, Richards was shot during the confrontation and later pronounced dead at the Falmouth Public Hospital.

INDECOM says the scene and the body have been processed.

They say the concerned members of the Constabulary have been interviewed and served with notices to provide their account of events.

Their weapons have also been processed and submitted to the Government Forensic Lab for analysis.

INDECOM is also appealing to anyone who may have witnessed or have information to come forward.