INDECOM Rejects JCF Criticisms as ‘Shameful, Disappointing & Untrue’

The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, is rejecting as untrue a claim by Deputy Police Commissioner, Glenmore Hinds, that its Commissioner, Terrence Williams, has refused to sign off on agreements which may improve relations between it and the Police

DCP Hinds made the statement at yesterday’s sitting of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC.

INDECOM’s Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, says DCP Hinds’s comments are shameful, disappointing and untrue.

DCP Hinds told the parliamentary oversight committee yesterday that INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams has been problematic.

INDECOM Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, says that allegation by the DCP in charge of crime is untrue.

DCP Hinds also conceded at the PAAC that a few police personnel have said they are intentionally arriving at crime scenes late.

This in order not to take part in an exchange of gunfire and be prosecuted by INDECOM.

ACP Campbell says that’s disappointing.

DCP Hinds had said that not many police personnel have taken the stance of arriving at crime scenes late but some have.

The INDECOM Assistant Commissioner says even if only a few police personnel are guilty of such an act – it is shameful.

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