Inmates reap CSEC Success

A group of unconventional students is celebrating success in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate, C-SEC exams.

Thirteen inmates at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Facility passed Mathematics, and ten passed English Language.

Two females at the Fort Augusta Prison also passed Math.

According to human rights group, Stand Up Jamaica, it’s the first time inmates in Jamaica have taken C-SEC.

Stand Up Jamaica says it started the programme this year, with support from the European Union.

The group’s Executive Director, Carla Gullotta, says education is one of the ways to rehabilitate inmates and keep them from returning to prison.

Carla Gullotta, Executive Director of Stand up for Jamaica.

C-SEC classes inside the prisons are held at least twice a week, and will resume in September.

Stand-Up Jamaica also runs other inmate rehabilitation programmes, including Heart Trust/NTA Classes, a music programme and counseling.

The cost of the various activities is approximately 25-million dollars per annum.

Grant funding from the EU ends in December.

However, Ms. Gullotta says Stand Up Jamaica will continue providing the service with or without support from the EU.