Intelligence Bureau Intercepts Plot to Kill St James Cops

Nationwide News has learned that the St. James Police are on high alert this afternoon amid reports that gangsters have coordinated a plan to kill members of the Constabulary in the parish.

It’s understood the National Intelligence Bureau, NIB, has got word of the plan.

It’s further understood that Police intelligence has revealed the plan has been devised by gang members operating in sections of Mount Salem and Montego Hills in St. James.

According to NIB intelligence – officers residing in Salt Spring, Valley Heights, Rose Heights, Green Pond and Cornwall Courts in St. James — as well as the adjoining communities are being targeted.

It’s understood that the NIB has indicated that there’s no intelligence at this time to identify any specific police or other law enforcement official as the primary target for the criminals.

Policemen and women in the parish have been advised to be vigilant.

The advisory to take extra care follows a shooting incident in Cornwall Courts on Saturday.

Reports are that hoodlums opened gunfire on a taxi injuring two people.

The criminals then reportedly searched passengers for police identification cards and other law enforcement paraphernalia.

According to the NIB, the criminals said they will murder any police they come across.

The NIB says the threat to the police by the St. James gangsters is present, clear and real.

Police officers residing and working in the division have been advised of the likelihood of violent attacks from the criminals.

Police on duty within St. James have been advised to dress in protective gears in the event they’re confronted by the hoodlums.

The NIB has also advised that Police officers residing in the area who take public transportation should be given assistance as much as possible.

A similar warning has also been issued to members of the Jamaica Defence Force.

The NIB has also recommended that targeted operations continue against these gangsters in order to displace them, arrest them and seize illegal weapons and money in their possession.

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