Internal Sparta Gang War Fueling Violence, says Sinclair

Councilor for the Flanker Division in St. James and Former Mayor of Montego Bay, Senator Charles Sinclair says internal warfare between members of the Sparta Gang is responsible for the recent flare-up of the violence in the constituency.

Senator Sinclair says he’s encouraged that there are plans to institute social intervention measures to accompany the State of Public Emergency that has been declared in the parish.

And, he says the State of Emergency appears to have been well received by the business community in St. James.


One thought on “Internal Sparta Gang War Fueling Violence, says Sinclair

  1. JAY

    The police needs to dismantle these darn gangs and cut the foolishness about internal feud… So if there was no internal issues going on, are we saying its OK for the gangs to exist? Dismantle similarly to the Nugence gang as i am sure we will NOT be surprised to hear how many police are involved this gang as well….


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