Investment Climate Never been Better for Millennials, says Peart

President and CEO of Mayberry Investments, Gary Peart, is insisting that the climate in Jamaica couldn’t be better for accommodating investors, including Millennials.

He was speaking at a Mayberry Investments Monthly Investor Forum last week in Kingston.

During his presentation, Mr. Peart focussed on the current low-interest rates climate. He noted that he has not seen double-digit interest rates for over a year.

Turning to the commercial banks, he urged persons to consider how much more profitable it would be to invest through Mayberry rather than relying on a 2-percent average interest rate on bank deposits. He also criticized the practice by some people of hedging the US dollar.

Peart says this practice helps to create an environment of instability. He’s urging stakeholders to invest foreign exchange in the local economy.


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