Is Jamaica Lacking the Right Mindset For Growth?

Executive Director of the Economic Growth Council, EGC, Senator Aubyn Hill, is calling on all Jamaicans to adopt a mindset that inspires economic growth.

He says the country is already poised for growth.

Senator Hill says the government and – in particular – the EGC, are not responsible for growing the economy. He says their job is to enable and facilitate that growth.

The Senator says businesses are the ones responsible for growing the economy.

He’s also urging public and private sector entities to reduce bureaucracy to make doing business easier.

Senator Hill says an attitude of service in both private and public sector entities will set Jamaica apart from other countries.

Senator Aubyn Hill was speaking on Friday at the Customs Trader Forum at the Jamaica Customs Agency in downtown Kingston.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Holness said his administration is fine-tuning its strategies to ensure that its aggressive growth push ultimately benefits the poor.

Prime Minister Holness was speaking at the official opening of Kingston Wharves’ Total Logistics facility.

The Prime Minister says his administration is acutely aware that employment is the best vehicle to empower the poor and dispossessed.

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