Jackson Rejects Montague’s Explanation

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, says he’s not satisfied with an explanation given by former portfolio Minister, Robert Montague, regarding the issuance of a gun permit to a man who was initially denied a license by the former Board of the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA.

Mr. Jackson says he’s not impressed by the explanation Mr. Montague gave last Friday. The man was allegedly denied a license by the former FLA Board due to adverse traces.

During a media conference on Friday called by Minister Montague, he said following careful assessment he used the power given to him by the law to issue the license because the individual was deemed to be a national security asset.

Mr. Montague says the man had provided valuable information to law enforcement which led to several arrests. The Minister says he was advised that the man faced a significant security risk.

Montague noted that a panel of six people including law enforcement officials and an Attorney unanimously agreed to reverse the decision to deny the man the gun permit. But in a statement issued on the weekend, Mr. Jackson rejected that explanation.

Mr. Jackson says Mr Montague must be sanctioned for what he says was a reckless undertaking.

Jackson is alleging that twenty-nine times, Mr Montague deliberately went against expert advice and reversed decisions to deny gun licenses to individuals.

The former Security Minister is rejecting that allegation from Mr. Jackson as untrue.

Mr. Montague says the review of a significant backlog of cases which he found when he was given the security portfolio in 2016 was done in a transparent manner.

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