Jackson vs Hyman on JLP Tax Plan


Chartered Accountant, John Jackson, has called out financial analyst Ralston Hyman, accusing him of lying to the people about the JLP’s tax plan.

Hyman was the guest speaker of the Kiwanis Club of Kingston last week, where he poked holes in the JLP’s plan to abolish income tax for people earning less than $1.5-million a year.

This week, it was Jackson’s turn to address the club, and he used the platform to take jabs at Hyman and support the plan.

John Jackson wasted no time in attacking Ralston Hyman.

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Jackson’s first point is on the bare math.

He questions how Hyman can conclude that the JLP’s proposal would cost the government $32-billion, based on the 118,000 people who stand to benefit.

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When Nationwide News contacted Hyman today, he stuck by his $32-billion figure. But he would not delve into how he had arrived at the number.

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Jackson’s second major point, is that the government can afford to give people a tax break, because it has been over-collecting taxes like GCT.

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But Hyman is rubbishing that suggestion.

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