JALGO Suggests McKenzie Hasty in Hanover PC Scandal

General Secretary of the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers, JALGO Helene Davis-Whyte says Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie must not allow his gut feeling to influence actions taken at the Hanover Parish Council.

She was speaking in light of an announcement by the Minister that his Ministry will take full control of all documents at the Council with immediate effect.

The Minister’s decision follows two damning reports of nepotism, favouritisim, and possible corruption by two councilors at the Hanover Parish Council.

The OCG’s report says the councilors awarded millions of dollars in contracts to their family members and political affiliates.

But Mrs. Davis-Whyte says she finds it problematic that Minister McKenzie moved to take full control of all documents at the council before the results of the audit.

Meanwhile, Local Government Minister Desmond Mckenzie is instructing the Hanover Parish Council to hire two more building officers to improve it’s technical department.

He was speaking at a special meeting of the council yesterday afternoon.

The Minister admitted that a shortage of building officers is of serious concern at the council, but notes that the shortage exists island wide.

However, he defended the Parish Council against accusations about the approval process for the Royalton site.