Jamaica Exports First Shipment Of Mangoes to The US


The Agriculture Ministry will be exporting its first shipment of mangoes to the United States today.

The exports fall under the Mango Irradiation Programme.

Under the programme, farmers will use radiation to prevent the mangoes from getting spoiled.

The initiative is to facilitate safe market access of Jamaican mangoes as a new commodity in the US market.

The Agriculture Ministry says the exports will start to satisfy the demand for the fruit from an estimated 3-million people in the Caribbean Diaspora.

The Ministry hopes to increase the production of mangoes by establishing mango orchards in St. James, St. Thomas and St. Catherine amongst others.
The Ministry says it’s cultivating 45 acres of land across two farms.
Another seven farms are being considered for certification.

Mangoes will be harvested, packaged and sent to an Irradiation Plant in Mississippi.

Once the process is complete, the mangoes will then move to the respective areas, supplying the US market.

The programme is open to all interested mango farmers and potential new investors willing to comply with the USDA standards.

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