Jamaicans Gone to Syria to Join ISIS – US General


Jamaicans are among 100-Caribbean-recruits that have traveled to Syria to fight with Islamic extremists, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS,  head of the U.S. Southern Command, John Kelly has disclosed.

He listed Jamaica, Trinidad, Suriname and Venezuela as countries where officials believe recruits have departed.

The Army General, told the Senate Armed Services Committee, that he fears the recruits will return to their home nations radicalized.

General Kelly, says, the Caribbean nations are concerned about the recruits returning home to conduct terror operations, because they don’t have any real ability to deal with them.

John Kelly, the top U.S. Marine general in South America

So far, however, he said he has seen no indications of a direct threat or scheme to attack.

One thought on “Jamaicans Gone to Syria to Join ISIS – US General

  1. Niel

    Where is the evidence to suggest Jamaicans are joining ISIS and if there is no tangible evidence Mr. John Kelly should be careful of how he tries to associate people of other countries with terrorist. Nationwide as a media house should make sure to fully investigates allegations before carrying it. Outside of Asia and the middle east America has more nationals than any other nation joining ISIS. Mr. John Kelly need to point that out. Nationwide do a full job and not a half job.

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