‘Jamaicans Let Down by the System’ – BSJ Chairman

The bad gas saga plaguing the country has taken a turn for the worse!

It’s now been revealed that the country will never know the origin of the contaminated fuel or bad gas.

That’s the stunning revelation of the Chairman of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, BSJ, Professor Winston Davidson.

In an exclusive interview with Nationwide News today, Professor Davidson admitted that the Government has failed to empower the BSJ to allow it to protect the interests of motorists.

He also revealed that Jamaicans have been let down by what he calls the system.

In a stunning revelation, Professor Davidson says Jamaica’s premier standards monitoring agency, the ISO certified BSJ, cannot and will not be able to identify the origin of the contaminated fuel being sold across the island.

Professor Davidson went on to say the Government is in no position to pin the blame for the bad gas on those suppliers who have storage facilities across the island.

He says it’s possible the fuel was contaminated before it entered the island.

Disturbingly, Professor Davidson says the Bureau is not empowered to determine if the fuel was bad from the time it came into the island.

The BSJ Chairman says his agency cannot be blamed for failing to conduct routine checks on the quality of fuel imported by local fuel suppliers.

He says Phillip Paulwell’s Energy Ministry has not granted the BSJ such powers.

We asked the BSJ Chairman: to whom should gas retailers and motorists who’ve suffered damage because of the bad gas, submit their claims for compensation?

The revelations by Professor Davidson seem to be the real reasons for the controversial decision of the government not to name the suppliers and distributors of the bad gas.

There’s been growing public concern over no clear guidelines from government to motorists on how they should protect themselves from the bad gas being sold at the pumps and no indication as to how those who’ve suffered will be compensated.

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