Jamaicans Win Big at Olympia 2018


For the first time since 2010, a bodybuilder not named Phil Heath has been crowned Mr. Olympia.

Jamaican born, Shawn Rhoden stunned the seven-time defending champion to capture the 2018 title, in Las Vegas.

In addition to breaking Heath’s run of dominance, Rhoden earned USD$675,000; the largest in the 53-year history of the Mr. Olympia competition.

Appearing in his eighth Mr. Olympia competition, Rhoden earned his first victory.

The Jamaican did have one runner-up finish in 2016, but he was finally able to capture the Eugen Sandow Trophy in one of the most memorable bodybuilding competitions in recent history

At the age of 43, Rhoden tied the record for the oldest Mr. Olympia winner.

Chris Dickerson was the same age when he came out on top in 1982.

Meanwhile, another Jamaican, Dwayne Walker, came away with the Mr Olympia Amateur title. By winning the Heavyweight category and placing second overall, Walker has become Jamaica’s newest IFBB Professional athlete.

Shanique Grant is the 2018 Women’s Physique Olympia champion. Shanique managed to fight off a strong line-up of some fantastic physiques; finishing ahead of Natalia Coelho and Dani Castilho.

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