January 2015 Unemployment Rate Higher Than January 2014

The unemployment rate in January this year was higher than in January last year.

That’s according to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN.

STATIN says unemployment was 14-point-2 percent in January this year, up from 13-point-4 percent in January last year.

But according to STATIN, the higher unemployment rate may be due to an increase in the labour force of some 16-thousand persons.

Approximately 12-thousand of the new entrants to the workforce were women.

STATIN says at the end of January this year, the number of persons in the labour force was 1-million-3-hundred-and-twenty-thousand, a 1-percent increase over January last year.

For January this year, the unemployment rate among women was 18-point-5 percent, while male unemployment was 10-point-7 percent.

Youth unemployment was 34-point-5 percent.