JCF Hierarchy Tight-Lipped on Chucky Brown Verdict


The top brass of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is largely remaining silent on yesterday’s guilty verdict handed down to one of its rank and file members, Constable Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown.

In a high profile victory for the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, Constable Brown, a reputed member of the so-called Clarendon-based Police death squad, was found guilty of three counts of murder. But at least one person who claims to be a rank and file member of the police force says what he’s describing as the public ‘celebration’ over the verdict is sending the wrong message to the men and women of the Constabulary.

The man who says he’s a police Sergeant identified himself as Clive. He was speaking earlier today on Cliff Hughes On-Line with Mark Wignal.

Constable Brown was found guilty of three counts of murder including the death of Robert ‘Gutty’ Dawkins in 2009.
He was also found guilty of murder in connection with the killings of Andrew Fearon otherwise called ‘Sugar’ and Dwayne Douglas otherwise called ‘Murderous’ in 2012.

This man, who gave his name as Clive, identified himself as a Police Sergeant. He says the public’s reaction to the verdict is sending the wrong message to the police force.

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In response to questions from our news centre, Chairman of the Police Federation, Corporal Arlene McBean says she expects Constable Brown may appeal the guilty verdict.

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Also in a brief response to Nationwide News, Head of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, Assistant Superintendent, Dahlia Garrick, says the JCF holds the rule of law in high esteem.

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When quizzed if a review of the Constabulary’s operations was warranted given the damning information which emerged during Constable’s Brown trial, ASP Garrick was cautious in her response.

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One thought on “JCF Hierarchy Tight-Lipped on Chucky Brown Verdict

  1. Lloyd D'Aguilar

    “Legal luminaries”??? He should immediately fire his lawyers and report them to the Bar Association for incompetence. There is no victory for INDECOM. It’s so-called victory has revealed itself as part of the impunity process for police extrajudicial killings. Nationwide News like all the rest of the news media does not understand that this is a victory for the continuation of police extrajudicial killings. Sad reflection on the state of the media in Jamaica. Collaborators with police extrajudicial killings. What about the Superior Commanders of the death squad operation: the police commissioner? the minister of national security? Did Chucky Brown conspire with himself to kill?

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