JCF Mum on Criticisms of 2010 West Kgn Administrative Review

Chairman of the JCF’s Administrative Review Committee into the 2010 West Kingston Operation, Assistant Commissioner Wray Palmer, is refusing to respond to criticisms of their report.

The report, released on Tuesday, clears five police officers of wrongdoing during the May 2010 West Kingston operations.

The five officers were accused of dereliction of duty by the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, which recommended that they no longer take part in police operations.

The officers are: Donovan Graham, the now deceased Winchroy Budhoo, Everton Tabannah, Steve Waugh and Mario Pratt.

But the JCF’s review has been strongly criticized by Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry and others.

Mrs. Harrison Henry is calling on the JCF to withdraw the report.

The report was prepared by a nine-member panel, led by ACP Palmer.

Also on the panel are a former Director of Public Prosecutions, Professor Kent Pantry, Dr. Hilton McDavid, Reverend Canon Hartley Perrin, as well as for other senior police officers.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner George Quallo is also not commenting on the report at this time.

Commissioner Quallo says he has not yet finished reading the report.