JCF Overhaul Set to Begin 2017


The Government is expected to review the entire structure of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, next year.

Under this review, the Government has committed to replace the law that governs the JCF.

A review of the entire Constabulary Force Act of 1935 is expected.

The end of the review should welcome the tabling of a new act in Parliament next October, titled the Police Service Act .

This will transform the role of the JCF into a Police Service.

While the details of the review are not yet known, Former Deputy Commissioner of Police Mark Sheilds says a modern Police Service Act would place more emphasis on serving communities.

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Mr. Shields explained the difference between a police force and a police service.

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He says a similar review of the Police force was successful in Northern Ireland.

Mr. Sheilds believes this fresh approach could be very successful in Jamaica.

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The expected review was recommended by the Economic Growth Council.

It also falls under the new Precautionary Standby Agreement with the International Monetary Fund.


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One thought on “JCF Overhaul Set to Begin 2017

  1. dukeofearle

    What they need to do is to take the “POLICE FORCE” out of the hands of “POLITICIAN”S” and place it in the hands of an “INDEPENDENT” body. too much politics have been played over the years time for a change.
    Three (3) Counties in Jamaica we should have a “INDEPENDENT POLICE INSPECTOR ZAR ” and three Commissioner Of Police each look after each Counties then they will report to the Inspector Zar who will report the Independent body.
    Politicians should stay clear of the Police Force and allow them to do their duties without fear, far too long Politicians have been meddling with police officers when they do their duty. time for action we can find honest willing Jamaican that can run an Independent body to over see the Police Force.

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