JCF Ready to Implement Zones of Special Operations

Police Commissioner, George Quallo, says the Jamaica Constabulary Force is ready for the first Zones of Special Operations to be declared by the government.

He gave the indication in response to a question by Nationwide News yesterday after his keynote address at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Kingston at the Pegasus Hotel.

It comes as there’s anticipation over which area will first be declared a zone amid the escalating murder rate.

Addressing yesterday’s Rotary Club of Kingston meeting, Commissioner Quallo said he expects the anti-crime initiative could have a tremendous impact on crime. But he says the support of citizens will be important.

Information Minister, Ruel Reid, told a recent post Cabinet briefing the government is awaiting word from the security forces about which areas they want declared as zones of special operations.

The law gives members of the JCF and the Jamaica Defence Force certain powers to address serious crimes, while at the same time upholding the rule of law and protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

It also provides for a joint command to establish a cordon and declare a curfew in a zone and promote social and economic development in a zone through the efforts of the various government agencies and civil society.