JCSA Rift with Govt Widens

There’s a growing rift this afternoon between the Jamaica Civil Service Association, JCSA, and the Simpson Miller administration.

The Civil Service Association is accusing the Transport Minister, Dr. Omar Davies, of trickery and disrespect. This, after saying it no longer has trust in him.

The JCSA also wants the current Chairman and Managing Director of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, to be sacked.

According to its President, Oneil Grant, the Association’s members have no confidence in the capacity of JUTC Chairman, Reverend Garnett Roper and Managing Director, Colin Campbell, to lead the state-run entity.

The call for them to be replaced is one of several positions taken at the JCSA’s General Council Meeting in St. Andrew last evening.

The fallout between the JCSA and the management of the cash-strapped JUTC appears to be worsening.

This, at the same time that the Association has declared that it has lost trust in Transport Minister, Dr. Omar Davies.

All this, because of the increases in JUTC bus fares that took effect on Sunday, and the continuing disagreement about positions taken in a meeting last Friday, concerning the increases.

The JCSA President says the Association wants all politicians to be removed the management of the JUTC.

Mr. Grant was asked to be specific about the current members of the JUTC’s management team with which the Association is uncomfortable.

The Transport Minister has said the JUTC had to been given the fare increases in order to stay afloat.

The increases have come despite the government’s commitment to restrain prices in accordance with the current Heads of Agreement, which sees civil servants and public sector workers remaining under wage restraint until next year.

Mr. Grant is warning that any further breach of the agreement will result in industrial action.

Meanwhile, the JCSA says comments made by Reverend Roper and Minister Davies have been disrespectful and inflammatory.

This, given what it describes as ‘apparent sleight of hand’ emanating from last Friday’s meeting over the bus fare increases.