JCTU Leaders Insist They’re NOT Against Contributory Govt Pension Scheme

Leaders of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, JCTU, are again making it clear they’re not opposed to public sector workers contributing 5-percent of their salaries towards their pensions.

They held a press conference this morning to clear the air on what they said are public misconceptions about their position

JCTU Vice President, O’Neil Grant, says all public sector workers have already agreed to pay the 5-percent.

However, he says there were different arrangements set out for how the contribution would be made.

According to Mr. Grant, some workers currently pay 4-percent of their salaries towards a “Family Benefit” scheme.

He says they’ve agreed for a further 1-percent deduction, to bring that to a total of 5-percent contribution.

Mr. Grant says those who don’t currently contribute have also agreed to pay 5-percent, but have asked for it to be phased in.

He says this is to cushion the drastic new deduction from their salary.

Teachers and local government officers are among those who do not currently contribute to their pensions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Grant says the talks with the government also include negotiations to have temporary public sector workers included in the pension scheme.

He says many of them may never qualify as pensionable, but upon retirement would get their contributions plus interest.

JCTU President, Helene Davis Whyte, says the government is being accommodating in their meetings.