Nationwide News understands that three members of the Jamaica Defence Force are alleging that they saw Police personnel murder innocent civilians during the 2010 security forces operation inside Tivoli Gardens.

Our sources say the secretariat and attorneys of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry are in possession of the explosive statements from the three soldiers.

The JDF personnel are alleging that they witnessed as many as eight police personnel kill a number of innocent civilians in cold blood in Tivoli Gardens.

The statements implicating Police personnel in murder, were reportedly given to the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, last year.

The statements from the soldiers have sparked a criminal investigation by INDECOM.

Those statements were passed on to the enquiry, by the Office of the Public Defender.

Nationwide News understands that Terrence Williams and his team at INDECOM, were caught off-guard when it was disclosed that the Public Defender’s office had submitted the statements into evidence at the enquiry.

Commission Chairman, Sir David Simmons today heard arguments in chambers from attorneys involved in the enquiry, regarding whether the statements should be submitted into evidence.

Our sources tell us that Sir David has ruled that the public will get to hear testimony from the soldiers who’ve submitted the statements.

The media will be allowed to broadcast the testimony.

It’s understood that the soldiers will give testimony via video link from a secret location.

This in order to ensure their security and protect their identity.

No date has been announced but it’s expected that the potentially explosive evidence from the soldiers, alleging that the Police committed murder inside Tivoli, will be heard at the enquiry sometime next week.

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