‘Cops Killed Them’: #WKgnCOE

A member of the Jamaica Defence Force today testified that he believes two men were shot in cold blood by masked Police personnel during the May 2010 operation inside Tivoli Gardens, to capture Christopher Dudus Coke.

But the soldier told the enquiry that he cannot say with certainty who shot the men as he didn’t witness the moment the incident took place.

The soldier said he was near DC and Chang Avenues, when a team of approximately five or six police personnel turned up at a house and asked who was inside.

The soldier says a woman declared that she and her two sons were inside.

He says the police personnel then directed the woman to leave the house but ordered her sons to remain and be seated.

The soldier testified that he heard the Police talking to the men.

He says shortly after the woman left the house he heard what appeared to be two or more gunshots.

According to the soldier, he heard a voice he believed to be that of a Policeman saying – “a shoot you ago shoot me”.

The soldier said shortly after he saw two men on the ground bleeding from gunshot wounds.

The soldier said based on what he saw the men did not appear to be armed.

But he said he could not say categorically who shot the men because he was not inside the house.

He made this statement while facing cross examination from attorney for the Police, Deborah Martin

But the Soldier told the head of the Independent Commission of Investigations, Terrence Williams that based on the circumstances, he believes the men were shot by the Police.

He says he complained to a superior officer in the JDF, about the conduct of the Police.

And Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams says attorneys from the Constabulary Force have been instructed to rigorously test the honesty of the testimony from the JDF personnel.

Dr. Williams responded to questions from our news center today regarding the prospect of soldiers implicating the Police in unlawful activity.