JET Sees Path To No Mining In Sections Of Cockpit Country


There’s still hope to prevent bauxite mining in sections of the Cockpit Country.

That’s the word from Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Environment Trust, Suzanne Stanley.

Ms Stanley says sections of the Cockpit Country in St. Ann and Trelawny threatened by bauxite mining should be included within the Cockpit Country protected area.

She’s calling on the government and other stakeholders to act now to protect all of the Cockpit Country including the human and natural resources in the communities threatened by bauxite mining.

Tyrone Reid reports.

Despite the alleged special mining license to bauxite company Noranda New Day, to mine sections of St Ann and Trelawny deemed Cockpit Country, Ms Stanley says all hope’s not lost.

In 2017 the Prime Minister announced that there’d be no bauxite mining within the designated boundaries of the Cockpit Country, and that there’d be clearly defined boundaries for the area.

But, Ms Stanley says there were still concerns.

She also sought to explain why these communities may have been left out of the protected area when the boundaries were being defined.

Ms Stanley says authorities are currently conducting ground truthing activities — information produced by direct observation to map the Cockpit country boundaries on land.

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