JFJ Urges JCF to Withdrawn Controversial Administrative Review Report


The Jamaica Constabulary Force is coming under more pressure to withdraw its controversial administrative review report of the 2010 West Kingston operation.

In a statement yesterday, Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, lashed out against it, calling the report an ‘atrocious’ and ‘pathetic product’.

JFJ says it finds the JCF’s response ‘very disturbing’, adding that it also sends a message about senior members of the Force.

According to JFJ, the report shows there’s a compelling need for a ‘clearing out’ of a substantial part of the senior level of the police force.

The human rights lobby group says it agrees with the Public Defender, Arlene Harrison Henry, that the report must be withdrawn.

The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, has also criticized the JCF for the report.

INDECOM Commissioner, Terrence Williams, says it shows the JCF’s unfortunate practice of denying and disputing reports that identify their failing and encourage them to improve.

The administrative review report – which was released last week — has cleared five police officers of misconduct and dereliction of duty for their actions during the 2010 West Kingston operation.

The report contradicts the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry which recommended the officers no longer take part in police operations.

JFJ says instead of acknowledging misconduct, the JCF’s review committee, headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police Wray Palmer, has produced a complete exoneration.

JFJ says the report simply ignores or denies evidence collected and sifted painstakingly over 19 months.

It’s calling on the government to immediately put in place the recommendations of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.