JIS Retracts Portland Bight Story: FULL STATEMENT

In a statement to the media, the JIS said no construction or development work has started at Portland Bight.

It says the only activity underway is the detailed technical work to complete the feasibility studies.

This, prior to making a submission to the National Environment and Planning Agency and other regulatory agencies for approval.

The JIS says once all approvals are in place, only then will the project be submitted to the Cabinet for discussion.

It says the Final Framework Agreement was signed on Tuesday as the parties wanted to record their understanding of the general terms and conditions on which negotiations for the project will continue.

According to the JIS, it was also important to take advantage of the presence of a high level delegation from China Communications Construction Company, CCCC, and China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC.

They were on the island to participate in the opening of Segment 2 of the Mount Rosser By-Pass.

The JIS says the signing was simply a re-statement of the Initial Non- Binding Framework Agreement which was signed on March 28 this year.

The project – which is being implemented by the Port Authority of Jamaica – forms part of government’s proposed Global Logistics Hub Initiative.

It seeks to take advantage of the anticipated increase in trade activities as a result of the expansion of the Panama Canal, scheduled for completion by 2015.

This, following the reported signing of the final Framework Agreement between the Jamaican Government and China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC.

That was published yesterday on the website of the Jamaica Information Service, JIS. But has now been pulled.

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