JLP Councillor Crosses Floor in Westmoreland Parish Council

The Councillor Caretaker for the Sheffield Division in the Westmoreland Parish Council, the JLP’s Conrad Cummings has switched allegiance to the People’s National Party.

The Mayor of Savanna-la-mar, Bertel Moore, says Mr. Cummings made the move on Sunday when he appeared on the PNP’s platform in Lucea, Hanover.

Efforts to reach Mr. Cummings for a comment were unsuccessful.

  • Ande47

    The headline is inaccurate as there are no JLP Councillors in the Westmoreland Parish Council

  • trevorwilliams

    The PNP is like the Dead Sea. It receives all the debris and dead things washed into it. It does not put out anything. So it is stagnant and it stinks. Take the JLP’s garbage, my friends.

  • chikV2Ebola

    There are 13 Pairish Councillors in Westmoreland and all are members of the PNP !