‘JLP Has Made Inroads With Uncommitted Voters’ – Political Analysts Say


Two political analysts say the results of the latest Nationwide Bluedot polls show the incumbent Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, has made inroads with previously uncommitted voters.

The most recent poll results reveal that 61% of respondents believe the Andrew Holness administration should get a second term in office.

It also shows that 37% of those polled say they support the JLP, compared to 30% for the PNP, while 33% remain neutral.

Professor of Culture, Gender & Society at the University of the West Indies, Donna Hope, says the uncommitted play a major role in elections.

Assistant Professor of Politics and Policy Studies at Elon University, Dr. Damion Blake, agrees.

Professor Hope adds that people seem to be focusing more on the positive developments in the society, than on negatives like crime and corruption.

She says the Opposition People’s National Party now needs to move into proposition mode.

Professor Donna Hope, political analyst.

She and Dr. Blake were speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Abka Fitz Henley.

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