JLP & PNP Ready for Showdown in St James Come Next Election


PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, says the Opposition party is on a mission to retake control of St. James from the governing JLP.

Mr. Robinson says the PNP is confident the four candidates it announced on the weekend can position it to win the majority of the constituencies in St. James when the next General Elections are called.

Four of the five seats in St. James are currently represented in parliament by members of the governing JLP. Mr. Robinson says the PNP is moving to change that.

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Yesterday, the PNP announced that educator, Dr. Walton Small, will be its candidate in outgoing Member of Parliament, Derrick Kellier’s battleground South St. James constituency.

Former MP for East St. Andrew, Andre Hylton, will be seeking to unseat the JLP’s Heroy Clarke in Central St. James.

And, UWI Lecturer, Dr. Andre Haughton, was announced as the PNP candidate to go up against Marlene Malahoo Forte in another battleground, West Central St. James.

The Peter Phillips-led party also disclosed that attorney, Michael Hemmings, will be it’s standard bearer in Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett’s East Central St. James constituency.

Mr. Robinson says he’s confident the PNP has selected a competent set of candidates to help the party fight for political supremacy in St. James.

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Mr. Robinson says the PNP is expected to complete its national candidate selection exercise this year.

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In the meantime, Government Senator, Matthew Samuda, is demanding the PNP candidates who’re seeking to contest seats in St. James tell the people of the western parish and the country whether they agree with the Opposition party’s controversial decision to end the State of Public Emergency in the parish.

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He says the governing party is unperturbed about the candidates chosen by the PNP to contest the constituencies in St. James.

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Senator Samuda is commending the PNP aspirants who’ve decided to enter representational politics.

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