JLP Preparing Machinery for General Elections


JLP Chairman, Robert Montague, says he’s instructed that the governing party get ready should Prime Minister Andrew Holness decide to call general elections following the conclusion of the upcoming by-election in East Portland.

Mr. Montague was addressing a JLP Area Council 2 meeting in Port Antonio yesterday. Mr. Montague was among a number of JLP heavyweights who turned up in Port Antonio to endorse Annmarie Vaz’s candidacy in East Portland.

The JLP Chairman told the meeting that he’s issued a directive to his party.

[audio_mp3 url=”http://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Bobby-Montague-says-get-ready-for-General.mp3″]

Mr. Montague also issued a caution to the Opposition PNP.

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The JLP Chairman says Prime Minister Holness now has the option of moving to increase his majority in parliament.

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In the meantime, Mr. Montague also told the meeting that he’s pleased the PNP appears to have snubbed Andrea Moore as their candidate for East Portland.

[audio_mp3 url=”http://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Montague-pleased-at-Moore-snub.mp3″]


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