JLP Promises National Health Insurance Scheme


Opposition Spokesperson on Health, Senator Malahoo Forte, says the next JLP administration will institute a National Health Insurance Scheme to improve access to vital care.

As the nation continues to be on ‘election alert’, Mrs Malahoo-Forte is revealing a key plank of the JLP’s Health Manifesto.

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Senator Malahoo Forte says a JLP government would prioritize the establishment of strong community health intervention programmes.

She says there would also be a targeted focus on establishing Jamaica as a prime destination for health tourism.

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2 thoughts on “JLP Promises National Health Insurance Scheme

  1. Peter Osbourne

    I’m excited that the discussion on health tourism has been engaged. Well said Senator Malahoo-Forte, The cost of Healthcare in the US and many other developed countries has for some time now created a need for the availability of comparable if not better care in a tranquille tropical paradise which may assist in proving healing at a fraction of their current costs. The development of this would promote the medical acumen of the Jamaican doctors and our Health sector as eels as through bundling the cost of care with rehab in a resort like setting with a burgeoning increase in demand for health care professionals will create jobs , investment, tourism and help to improve the delivery of quality care locally. A total win win for Jamaica. I always wondered why the CURRENT administration has not done it.

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